Beauty in EVERYONE.

So I got to thinking the other day about Hals strengths, and the one I find to be most amazing is his natural ability to find the true beauty of the individual he is shooting and showcase it like it belongs in the smithsonian. He doesn’t try to conform individuals into adapting to a standard of beauty that society has set, instead he embraces what truly makes people unique and beautiful. I have experienced this first hand…A couple years ago at PRIDE Hal was shooting an event that I was working as an artist. While body painting a dear friend of mine he snapped a shot of my hand touching hers. In that single shot he captured my soul. Which was life changing for me. No one had EVER done that. I see Hal do this all the time with our clients and they are all blown away. Words cannot adequately express Hals insight for beauty nor even come close to explaining it. They say a pic is worth a thousand words so above you can see my personal favorite and below one of Hals:)


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Hi, I am Hal Harrison. This is the blog of my musings of things involving life and photography. Enjoy!
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One Response to Beauty in EVERYONE.

  1. Hal Harrison says:

    Cadey writes a beautiful story here. And it is true.

    Things you should know about me: I am a conservative Republican from Texas. Now, if you live in the Portland metro area, it is safe to assume some ideas about what that means ran through your head that were not all positive. To help you understand a little more about me, you should know that my assistant Cadey is a non-believing lesbian. She is my buddy and my sounding board. She is my right arm in this business. I trust her with my SS number and the logins to my websites and email. She loves me as her father. I love her as a daughter, a buddy, a hot babe, a mother and as a great person. Let me emphasize GREAT person. Yet, I am a conservative Christian from Texas, and Cadey is a liberal…a lesbian…and an activist for causes I do not agree with. In fact, my wife is a liberal Democrat from California. All that background is to show that I am not just tolerant. I am ACCEPTING and respectful of others thought-out positions. The key words there are “thought-out”. If you spout catch phrases or incomplete ideas, I don’t have time for you. If you can defend your position with facts that are complete and researched and have a basis for your reasoning, I love you like a brother or sister. I don’t care what you think, so long as you THINK.
    I don’t watch TV. I have never seen a complete episode of Friends. I don’t even know what shows are on TV right now. Complete waste of time.
    I don’t watch YouTube unless it is to learn how to do something. Or show my kids that wearing a helmet is a good idea when you skateboard or ride a bike. Lots of examples on YouTube that show that is a really really good idea. “Skateboard accident”. Try it in the search window and brace yourself.
    I love women in all shapes and forms. I totally love women. I love to photograph them, I love to have them appreciate my work. When I say as I am photographing a client “You look AMAZING!” I completely mean it. With my heart and soul I mean it. When a woman is appreciated, it begins to show, and I capture that. That is why many of my clients say they photograph better with me than with anyone they have photographed with before.
    I love children. I work well with children. In fact, I work terrifically with children, or with groups of children. I have great portfolio shots that show it, and written testimonials that say it. If you have kids, I will charm them and capture them being who they are. I have done this over and over…I have complete confidence in my ability to do it every time I come in contact with kids. Sometimes, it takes time and that is ok. I have time. Be patient. It will happen, and when it does, I will already have my camera ready and they will have fun as we shoot.
    I shoot men like men. My male clients look like men. Masculine, full of vision and vitality. They look strong and MALE.
    I am sensitive. I see the beauty in the clouds, the flowers, the world around me. I love to capture beauty whenever I see it.
    I see moments. When your daughter comes over to hug you in the morning, I want to be there to capture that moment. Because in two or three years, she won’t do that anymore. And that moment will be lost forever. You have to capture it NOW. People, understand you can hire me to be there to do that. I will make that moment inspired art that you can put on your wall and cry. And one day, your kid will be standing next to you, and you will have to look up at them because they grew to be taller than you, and they will hug you as you look at that picture. It will seem like yesterday, and it will be priceless. And they will cry with you. But they will hide it.
    I have athletic reflexes. When I shoot baseball, shooting the batter and getting the ball in the frame is almost every shot. And many shots show the contact point, or the miss. I get the high diver just as his hands break the water, over and over again. Sports action photography is something I am just good at, and I love to do. Capturing T-bal is fun, too. I like to get the kids who are goofing off when they should be paying attention to the game…they are so cute! And trying to act like a “big boy” and blowing bubbles as they wait to run from First to Second base. Great stuff!
    There is more to say, but I don’t want to write a full life biography in my first post. In summation, I love to photograph people and things in a compelling way. I like to think, be challenged, and to win.
    To hire me, email
    Or contact Cadey.

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